Deionized Water Kit
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The DW-KIT is a complete system to remove dissolved impurities from your water prior to watering your batteries. Many sources of water contain harmful dissolved impurities that can reduce the potential of your battery and shorten its service life. The DW-KIT will remove these impurities to a level acceptable by the major US battery manufacturers. The DW-KIT includes a wall mountable backboard to hold the water cartridge, the actual DW-CAR cartridge, a monitoring light that glows when purified water is exiting the cartridge and all required hoses/fittings to get started. It works by passing water through a cartridge (DW-CAR) containing charged resins. These resins remove dissolved impurities from the water. As purified water exits the cartridge, the monitoring light glows. When the monitoring light begins to flicker the cartridge is near exhaustion. When the monitoring light stops glowing, a replacement cartridge (DW-CAR) is needed to restore the kit to proper working order. This setup can be used directly with Liquid Precision, Inc. Watering Guns and MFS Float Systems. A small investment in this system can help to insure you get maximum potential from your battery.

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Deionized Water Kit

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