Battery Watering Level Indicator
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On a multi-cell battery, this Indicator is installed in one of the center cells. The Indicator blinks if electrolyte is at the proper level. When the electrolyte level falls, the light goes dark. This visually indicates that the battery needs to be watered. This serves as a great reminder, especially in lift trucks where the battery is not removed daily.


Only one Indicator is recommended per battery. It is installed in a center battery cell as the most heat is usually generated in this area, thus causing the quickest water loss.


To install, a small 14mm hole must be drilled through the plastic cell cover adjacent to the vent cell opening. A drilling tool with a depth stop is optionally available below. One wire must also be attached to an intercell connector. Full product instructions come with each Indicator.

  • Item #: MFS-BWI

Battery Watering Level Indicator

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